Defence Information

Defence School Mentors (DSM's) at Harrison School


At Harrison school we have a large defence community. To accommodate the needs of our defence students there are 2 Defence School Mentors – one in the Junior Area and one in the Senior Area.  Our Junior School is covered by Sarah McGavin (Preschool – Year 6) and in our senior area is Kelly Cvitanovic (Years 7 to 10).  At least one of us is available each day of the school week during school hours with Sarah working Mon –Wed and Kelly working Wed - Fri. We welcome you to contact us via email or by phoning the Front Office anytime. DSMs are funded by the Department of Defence through the Defence Community Organisation and employed as a member of the school staff.

In our roles as DSMs we can assist with:

Throughout the week, we work in many classrooms allowing us to come to know your child.  This also allows them to be familiar with us so they feel confident in approaching us should they need help.

We also run a number of weekly activity groups.

Throughout the year we hold Morning Tea’s and Dinner’s and invite you to join us in getting to know other Defence Families in the area.

If you require assistance or would like to have a chat please don’t hesitate to contact us on: or