Student Leadership

Student Leadership at Harrison School

With a focus on student cantered learning and student voice, Harrison School is proud to run a leadership program that allows our students the opportunity to participate in whole school events and decision making. At present we have:

Leadership GroupNumber of Leaders
Year 10 School Captains              2
Year 10 Vice Captains2
Year 10 Leadership Committee4
Year 9 Leadership Committee 7
Year 8 Prefects/Mentors5
Year 8 Leadership Committee3
Year 6 School Prefects4
Year 4 School Prefects4
Year 2 SRC Representatives15
House LeadersNumber of Leaders
Year 10 Wimmera House Leader4
Year 10 Nullarbor House Leader4
Year 10 Katoomba House Leader4
Year 10 Mapleton House Leader4
Year 6 Wimmera House Leader2
Year 6 Nullarbor House Leader2
Year 6 Katoomba House Leader2
Year 6 Mapleton House Leader2

Students meet on a regular basis to organise and run whole school assemblies, fundraising events and to build relationships in the Harrison School community.

Student Leadership Model